jessthatsgross: Kelly, I can't do it. When I'm around you, I feel…everything. And it's too much. It's too overwhelming. Maybe someday, but. For right now you're still an open wound for me. I have all of the affection in the world for you, and hope you're doing well. I really am sorry things didn't work out with Emily.

I’m sorry you feel that way, I was just looking for a friend that I didn’t have to be so normal around. And just so you don’t hear it from anyone else and get upset, me and Emily are still together at this time. Some fucked up shit happen and I just wanted to talk to you about it. I don’t know why. But okay.

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I wouldn’t even be mad

The Brief Two Seconds After You Ruin EverythingClementine Von Radics
What movie is this from?